Have you ever run into a problem where a client of yours asks for a marketing service that you currently do not offer? Employing expert team members in different niches can be very costly, but not being able to offer all of the marketing services that your preferred clients need can cost you the account.

You may be great at your current marketing offerings, but adding more could in fact lead to higher customer satisfaction as well as higher revenues. Your main problem is that you lack the resources (people, technology, and of course money). White labeling can help your company sell your marketing services without the added costs of new hires, equipment, and research and development. Read on to learn why your agency should consider white label marketing services.

What Is White Label Marketing?

“White labeling” basically means that you are selling a product or service with your branding, but the work was done by another company that you hired. For example, in marketing, this means that Agency A hires Agency B to do their social media marketing. The end products are branded under Agency A’s name. This means that you can save your time and budget and receive a ready-to-brand product that you can sell to your customers! White labeling is a win-win for marketing agencies because you can provide your clients with more products or services without hiring new employees, setting up new offices, or developing new products. This means more profits for the agency while helping your clients and their goals!

So Why Exactly Should Your Agency Consider White Labeling?

White labeling provides your company with more marketing products and services.

By white labeling, you would be able to offer a wider variety of marketing services compared to what you could do on your own. White labeling can give you a competitive advantage when trying to attract new clients. For example, many agencies self-brand themselves as being a one-stop marketing agency. However, if you want to become the “ultimate agency,” it may be best for you to focus on white labeling in order to increase and optimize your product and service offerings. After all, it is impossible for an agency to be an expert in every marketing niche; spreading yourself too thin will prove detrimental to the quality of your end products.

White labeling can give your marketing agency a competitive edge.

One key reason to consider white labeling for your marketing agency is that you can maintain a constant flow of income. You can continue selling products that are currently not in your inventory or service offerings by purchasing these services and items from a white labeling company. White labeling can help agencies stay ahead of the game when taking on new clients. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can actually lead to a great deal of profit! Clients will be more inclined to work with a single marketing agency for all of their needs rather than working with several. By setting up your agency as a one-stop shop, you are helping your clients succeed in all of their wants and needs while also using your own resources efficiently. You will be able to hold on to your clients longer, as they don’t need to look for new marketing agencies since they already have one that they can trust! You can also continue delivering great service by attracting new clients and maintaining their loyalty. This makes white labeling an extremely profitable decision for your agency!

Your marketing agency can focus its efforts on bigger-picture goals.

White labeling can give you the gift of time. By not having to set up a new department with new employees, you can work on structuring your business for your bigger long-term goals. Otherwise, creating an entirely new marketing service would cost you the time and money of creating an entirely new department from scratch, making a lot of mistakes, and ultimately creating a lower quality end result that could cost you a client.

White labeling can give you room for growth.

White labeling your marketing services can also be a great way to expand your company with little risks. You do not have to risk your own effort or resources in investments into other companies that may or may not be able to help you grow your business. You can simply choose what products and services you want white labeled and not waste time trying to find other marketing agencies that may be able to help you out. Instead, you can focus on finding white labeled products for sale in the market area of your choice!

In addition to helping you keep clients longer, white labeling can also help you really focus on what you do best! Afterall, working on something that you are not enthusiastic about, will not garner the same results as working on something that you do enjoy and perform best at. This keeps your products top-notch and relevant with the times.

For example: A local marketing agency wants to launch a website redesign project for a client. However, the company realizes that they don’t have the required capabilities to complete the project in-house. Instead of turning down the project, they decide to find a white labeled web design firm that can handle the project while they work on other projects simultaneously. The agency is able to focus on its core strengths and provide better services for their client while staying efficient and organized!

White labeling can save you loads of money.

Think back on one of your previous hires. Creating the job ad, going through hundreds or thousands of marketing resumes, and organizing and executing many interviews… the tasks go on and on. Once you have found your new employee, there are many hurdles like the costs of training, benefits, and the risk factor of entrusting someone with the responsibility of creating your new product. Other expenses that you could incur are: new hardware, software, IT support costs and much much more. With white labeling, your return on investment can be so much higher due to your reduced expenses!


Disadvantages That Come With Considering a White Labeled Approach to Your Marketing Services:

Focusing on white labeling could create extra managerial work for your team. White labeling will lengthen the time it takes to set up a new marketing product or service. If you do not already have your app or website ready for launch, then you will have to find someone who does and wait for them to complete it. The costs of white labeling products and services can also be quite high. This is because there is more risk involved in trying out products and services before you’ve seen them in person. There are also many costs involved with providing white labeled products and services. You will need to find the right vendor, who will charge you a certain percentage of their profits. You could be giving these vendors a lot of money, but they may not be able to provide enough income to justify the costs.

White labeling can also be confusing as it is pretty tangled. You may not know exactly which products you will offer to your clients and also know what kind of profit you will get out of it. When selecting white label marketing products, make sure to fully research them in order to avoid any legal issues later on.

White labeling does not provide the same level of expertise that comes with in-house services. White labeling may not be able to provide you with the same level of expertise as your own employees. This can result in a loss of knowledge of how to properly set up or manage your marketing services.

White label marketing is a complex process and can be hard to set up in the beginning. White labeling your marketing agency may be difficult because it still involves many tasks, and each task can take hours or days to complete. Although this may not be such a big deal at first, you will most certainly have difficulty if you have plans to expand your business. This means that you will have to spend time setting up your product or service with several companies and wait for their components to come in, which takes even more time.

There are also many legal issues to be taken into consideration when white labeling. You will want to make sure that you are using the products or services legally and that you do not violate any laws. You will want to make sure that you do not harm anyone or their property, or go against any companies personally. You will also want to ensure that your marketing product or service is of high quality and offered at a fair price. White labeling may also create a blurred line between your business reputation and the reputation of the companies whose products you offer. There will be a lot of legal issues to overcome when white labeling as well as a lot of extra work, so it is important to weigh out your options and see if it can fit into your business strategy.

Some questions that your agency should consider before deciding to use white labeling for your marketing services may include:

  • Will our agency see a bigger return on investment?
  • Will using a white label company decrease the quality of our marketing products or services?
  • Are we allowed to sell white labeled products from another brand?
  • Will getting a white labeled product be perceived as an unethical business practice, or is it just legal?

You should also consider exactly what are your marketing agency’s goals? Are you looking to maintain existing customers or are you looking to increase your customer base by specializing only in your current product and service offerings? There is no one size fits all rule when considering using white labeling. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether it will be beneficial for your agency or not.

White labeling is constantly evolving and changing. White labeling has come a long way and it doesn’t seem like the trend will go away any time soon. The future of white labeling seems bright with more opportunities and new products being launched to accommodate white labeling. The trend is expanding into areas such as social media marketing, e-commerce, hosting services, legal providers, etc.

Using a white labeling approach for your marketing agency can help you jump hurdles more easily, but it also comes with a price. Make sure you go through the advantages and disadvantages of the white labeling process to help you decide if you should consider white labeling for your agency

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PPC Agencies Are Performance-Focused

PPC agencies are performance-driven, and numbers do not lie. They want to set up your campaigns to succeed because this will help their agency succeed in their own goals such as increasing customer satisfaction. As the performance of your campaigns improve, the better it will reflect upon the PPC agency that you hired. If you were to hire in-house, for example, they could be more biased in making higher-level decisions about campaigns. They may even provide you with erroneous information that is presented as an alleged fact. When working with a PPC agency, you can rest easy knowing that they are only looking out for your best interests, which are always theirs.

PPC Agencies Are the Experts

Most importantly, PPC agencies are the PPC experts — it’s in their name! Just like how you are well diversed in your own industry, PPC teams have expert knowledge in running paid search campaigns and they get to practice it across multiple industries!

The PPC world has barely left its footprint in our world, yet it has already gone through so many changes. PPC agencies will be well-staffed and with the proper resources to keep up to date on all of the paid search updates and algorithm changes to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly and optimized for success. Having other clients also helps PPC agencies implement well-tested strategies from other campaigns.

PPC marketing is constantly evolving and if you cannot rely on yourself to keep up with all that’s going on in the industry, then you should look for a PPC agency to run your campaigns.

How to Find a Trustworthy PPC Agency

Hiring an outside team of people to spend your own money is certainly frightening, especially when you are considering a higher-budget campaign or if it is your first time implementing PPC into your marketing arsenal. Here are some tips to consider when hiring a PPC agency:

  • Having a basic understanding of PPC terminology will help you in interviewing or reviewing proposals for prospective agencies.
  • Make sure that the agency is Google Ads certified and has several years of professional experience.
  • Ask for case studies as an indication of the agency’s performance.
  • Talk about your business’s conversions and see if the agency’s suggestions align with your main goals.
  • Your interviewee should be inquisitive about your business. Afterall, they need to have a thorough understanding of your niche in order to help you compete against a world of bidders!

In Conclusion

Although it may be tempting to hire in-house or do your PPC marketing on your own, you may be digging your own grave. PPC campaigns are no simple feat, and they can be quite costly if not run efficiently. Having a PPC agency manage your paid search campaigns is like storing your hard-earned money in a bank’s vaults because if there is one thing Google (and other search engines want) it is to make as much money off of your advertising dollars as possible.

PPC agencies can help your business save money, boost creative solutions in the competitive bidding market space, and create and analyze digestible reports to measure campaign successes and shortfallings. Most importantly, PPC agencies are the PPC experts in their field, so your ad dollars are certainly in well-seasoned hands.

Do you want to learn how Hudson Digital Group can help your PPC marketing? Try our free audit! Considering adding PPC marketing to your marketing initiatives? Here’s a guide on why PPC marketing is important.

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