We all know by now that SEO is as integral to a digital business as an engine is to a car. Today, SEO has grown so exponentially that it’s found its way into a lot more than just websites. This means that today’s practices and methods also extend to other forms of digital content like videos, artificial intelligence, social media, and more.

But like most processes and things in the digital world, SEO philosophies and practices keep on evolving too. This is because most governing search engines – mainly Google – continually update their methods of sorting and optimizing digital data and information. The reason behind this is simple – periodic updates ensure dynamic fairness to the digital game by pushing companies to keep at it in the best possible ways. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top SEO trends for 2022.

In no particular order, here are the top SEO trends for 2022.

1) Voice Search Will Continue to Grow in Popularity

Although voice searching took a bit of a hit during the pandemic (presumably because of the wearing of masks), it has quickly begun re-emerging in more recent months. Voice search is dubbed to be the next universal step in making informational queries on the internet. As compared to search inquiries that are typed, voice searches can provide quicker and even more relevant results.

But the relevancy of results to end-users can only come through if and when companies start optimizing their content for voice searches. According to eMarketer, 33.2 million US consumers are expected to shop using a smart speaker in 2022. Thus, voice search is already becoming the preferred option for search inquiries. And the right time for companies to implement their voice search SEO efforts is right away!

2) More Businesses Will Invest in Video Marketing

It is no secret that Google – the biggest search engine of all time – owns YouTube – the biggest video search engine of all time. According to Cisco, by 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic – 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Today’s consumers also find that they can connect to brands and companies a whole lot more through videos than any other form of media. According to Optinmonster, 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. In fact, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

The current data in the domain of video marketing is promising, and more so for the future. This makes it crucial for brands and companies to take their video marketing SEO a lot more seriously!

3) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Play a Bigger Role in SEO

As businesses increasingly move towards more digital operations, they are invariably going to deal with a lot of data and information. While quite a bit of it may comprise internal data, most companies also tend to possess a lot of customer-related data. And this is where Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can play a key role.

AI and Machine Learning comprise intelligent technologies and tools that can aid companies in studying heaps of data that can further be readily converted into sound actionable plans. The results of implementing AI in SEO are better keyword research, topic selection, content optimization, and text and voice searches. Thus, AI and Machine Learning in SEO are crucial aspects in the list of SEO trends 2022.

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4) Social Media Will Continue to Be an Important Factor in SEO

Social media platforms have grown at a rapid pace ever since their inception. And although the market may seem exhausted in terms of innovation and variety from the outside, we are still consistently greeted with newer platforms every day. Apart from all the obvious insights and intuitions, even all the statistics agree that social media is not only here to stay but will also continue to boom.

According to Statista, as of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms. And according to GWI, the average person bounces between at least seven different social networks per month.

Because social media is heavily filled with various forms of information and media (files), SEO and social media was another vital combination waiting to happen. Social media SEO can help improve a company’s online visibility, boost localized SEO efforts, and increase the overall organic traffic. Thus, one can easily boost their overall outreach and engagement by maximizing their social media SEO efforts.

5) Mobile Optimization Will Be More Important Than Ever

The average SEO employee and manager already know that SEO for mobiles is as crucial as SEO for any other marketing aspect or medium. So, it’s about time we all understand this essential philosophy and practice too. But first, why exactly is mobile SEO so important? Well, according to CNBC, nearly 75% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices by 2025.

Furthermore, in 2015, Google had announced that mobile-friendliness was a top-ranking factor for better overall SEO. But in 2019, Google rolled out the mobile-first indexing rule. This means that since then, Google has officially shifted from looking at desktop versions to looking at mobile versions of websites – or content in general – when determining rankings.

Thus, to not get left behind, it is paramount that all digital businesses begin their mobile SEO and mobile SEO optimization journeys right away!

6) SEO Will Become More Complex as Search Engines Get Smarter

We know that the results for any SEO campaign or strategy not only take time to show up but the overall SEO process is also harder to understand and implement than most other marketing processes. In addition to this and as has already been established, the entities governing search engines also tend to frequently roll out new changes and developments to the overall SEO process.

Such changes are usually carried out to improve the overall searching approach and experience for their users. And to achieve this, search engines deliberately innovate their existing SEO processes to reflect their current goals and objectives – which are usually user-centric.

For digital businesses, this means that SEO always needs to be an integral and pervasive part of one’s overall marketing efforts. And for the best results, SEO managers should also always keep their ears to the ground to learn the latest development in the dynamic world of SEO.

The Bottom Line

We’re already in the fourth month of 2022. And all companies and SEO managers are advised to renew their focus on enhancing their SEO efforts. But once again, this should only be done by taking guidance from the latest (official) developments in the domain.

Keeping up with all the current SEO rules and SEO trends for 2022 is one of the two best ways of increasing one’s online presence, engagement, and overall business. Of course, the other one is in creating the best products, services, brands, and content. The above list of SEO trends for 2022 should help all those looking to either get started with their SEO campaigns or work towards refining and improving them.

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