Hey Google Search Console fans, Google just announced that Search Console Insights will now support Google Analytics 4! So what does this really mean? Google Search Console Insights users will now have access to A LOT more data. Here’s what you need to know:

First, what is Google Search Console Insights?

For those of you who are not yet savvy with Search Console Insights, it’s really just a concise tool that blends Search Console and Google Analytics into one. Search Console Insights is incredibly helpful for content creators trying to improve their content without becoming data analysts because it provides higher-level insights in a 28-day period. For content creators, Search Console Insights can really be your daily content check-up while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Up until June 6th, 2022, Search Console Insights has been limited to only Universal Analytics (which Google has set to sunset in July of 2023). Search Console Insights, now supporting Google Analytics 4, now presents early-bird marketers the opportunity to connect their GA4 with Search Console Insights for an optimized snapshot of user and event-based metrics.

Ready to start learning more about your content with Search Console Insights and Google Analytics 4? Hint: Make sure that you have connected your Google Analytics property to Search Console Insights first.

How to connect your Google Analytics 4 property to Google Search Console Insights:

Step 1: Under the “View” drop-down menu, select “Analytics.”

Step 2: In the Analytics section, click on your connected Property.

Step 3: Under the “View” drop-down menu, select “Connected Tools.”

Step 4: Click “Connect Google Analytics 4 to Search Console Insights.”

If you already have a Universal Analytics profile connected to GSC, in your Google Search Console property settings menu, you should see a simple “Associate” option. If you see this option, simply click “Associate,” select your GA4 property, and follow the steps to connect your GA4 property to Google Search Console.

If you already have a Universal Analytics property, you can also associate a GA4 property with your account.

How to Connect Google Analytics 4 to Govogle Search Console - Search Console Insights

To learn more about Search Console Insights, visit: https://search.google.com/search-console/insights/about.

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