This just in! Here is our Monthly Digital Roundup for the month of July! This month’s focus is updates in the social media realm, so in the spirit of social media, make sure you share with your friends and family on your social media platforms!

Instagram Reels are now Boost-able! Instagram has launched a Boosting option for Reels! This is great news for businesses that are trying to increase their Instagram audience as well as engagement on the platform. Here is what we know so far:

  • Boosted Reels can appear in Feeds, Stories, and the Explore Reels section (of course!)
  • Specs:
    • Under 60 seconds long
    • 9:16 aspect ratio
    • No third-party IP (copyrighted music, GIF’s, etc)
  • NOTE: Reels that are published on Facebook, will NOT be eligible for Boosting.

As Instagram continues to push for vertical short-form video content on its platform to rival with TikTok, Reels boosting may now become a part of many brands’ social media strategies.

Want to try boosting one of your Reels?! Head over to your Reels in the Instagram app, select the Reel you would like to boost (we suggest using one of your trendiest Reels), hit the ellipsis, and click “Boost reel”. Follow the prompts and payment instructions, and don’t forget to track the insights from the Boosted Reel!


Facebook is testing different ways to find Facebook Groups and launching “Channels” for a more intimate settings for similar groups of people

First being only introduced to a percentage of Facebook users, Facebook has created a sidebar specifically for your Facebook Groups. Users will have the ability to prioritize Groups, pin Groups, and even see the latest updates. Facebook adds that this will help users become inspired to organize and create their own Groups as well as buy Group “swag”.

Group Admins will now have the ability to create channels within Groups with the goal of creating more intimate spaces for specific topics. Chats in channels will be omnichannel (both in Facebook Groups and Facebook Messenger).

Other worthy mentions: there will be an audio feature allowing real live chat within Groups!

To learn more, read the full article here.

Other Newsworthy Social Media Updates:

  • Instagram is testing out a “Notes” feature; users selected for testing will have the ability to write Status Updates (Is Instagram trying to become Twitter now?!)
  • Instagram has added a new Maps feature! Similar to Google Maps, users can now explore different businesses near them and filter by business type.

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