Google’s new Performance Max campaigns (or PMax for short), first introduced in January 2022, have now replaced a good portion of our Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. The new campaign type allows advertisers to select more than one conversion goal as well as give each of them a priority level. This significant update now has us thinking about how reporting will work moving forward. Here is a brief overview of the Performance Max update as well as some ideas as to how reporting may look:

If your campaigns have not switched to Performance Max yet, here is a quick look at what you can expect in the upcoming weeks as Google automatically upgrades all campaigns to Performance Max before the holiday season:

  • Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will be deactivated (NOT deleted)
  • Smart Shopping and Local campaigns historical data will still be available for analytics purposes
  • Your upgraded PMax campaigns will have the ability to integrate with Search Ads 360

Google highly recommends upgrading to Performance Max on your own as opposed to waiting for Google to do it to your campaigns automatically. This will ensure a smoother transition as well as ample time for advertisers to ease into the new platform.

The biggest question we all have: how will Performance Max change the way we all do report?

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